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Lithuanian mammals

Leucistic moose




Penguin diorama




Polar bear
About us
Our purpose is to educate the public about the wildlife found in Lithuania and all around the world. The spheres of our activity include ecology, diversity, spread and development of animal species. The area of the museum is up to 6000 square meters. The exposition occupies 2500 sq. m. storage of collections 430 sq. m. The exposition is spread over 3 floors, 6 halls and 96 displays. In exposition halls can be found more than 15,000 animal exhibits, 34 dioramas and 46 ecological compositions. The museum organizes tours, educational classes, lectures, exhibitions and other events. The scientific collections consist of close to 300,000 zoological objects. Museum has a separate department of Lithuanian Bird Ringing Center Ventės Rago Ornithological Station in Šilutė District.
Tadas Ivanauskas
Tadas Ivanauskas (1882–1970) - Lithuanian naturalist, professor, writer, doctor of biology. Graduate of the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of St Petersburg. Participant in the creation of natural sciences and nature conservation institutions, as well as the founder of this zoological museum.