Ventės ragas ornithological station

Founded in 1929 on the initiative of Prof. Tadas Ivanauskas. Ventės Ragas is one of the largest bird concentration points on the migration route the White Sea and the Baltic Sea. In some days, up to one million of birds fly by Ventės Ragas, Staff of the station ring 60-100 thousand birds per year. The traps in the station are the largest in the world; migrating and local population birds are also caught in the “zigzag type” traps of original construction. Since the start of ringing 2.9 million birds have been marked in Ventės Ragas. The station has the museum which acquaints its visitors with the bird ringing history, migratory and wintering birds.

Bird Ringing Centre

Tadas Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology organizes and coordinates bird ringing in Lithuania. A special department department called Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre was founded in 1978. All the information about birds ringed in Lithuania (data on their ringing and finding), as well as information about birds ringed abroad but found in our country, is collected, processed, and stored in this Centre. Data is exchanged with bird ringing centres in other countries. On average, about 103,700 birds are ringed every year in Lithuania Since the start of systematical ringing in 1929, more than four million birds have been marked in the country.

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